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M42 + flame arduino tracked

M42 + flame arduino tracked

Image by myyorgda
one more attempt testing the arduino tracking.
D7000 with 180mm-f/2.8
30x30s at f/4
stacked with exposit

I had to stop taking subs because of the condensation fog onto both
lenses : the tracking webcam+tokina combo, and the dslr lens itself …

Usual amp red-glow at the bottom, I should learn to substract dark frames.

And there are several geosynchronous satellites which got invited : the brightest has
it’s path dotted all across the frame. notice how tracking errors can be seen as the
trajectory looks like saw teeth.

Simple Sunrise

Image by Scott Smith (SRisonS)
An Eastern Caribbean sunrise, as seen from the Disney Fantasy.

Satellite Falls
Deck 13
Disney Fantasy

My DisBoards Trip Report


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GAO: Simulating the Transport of Radioactive Material and Other Contraband Across US Borders

Video simulating the transport of radioactive material and other contraband across northern and southern US borders at unmanned or unmonitored locations. Get the full testimony: Disclaimer: The US GAO does not promote or endorse any non-Government or commercial content appearing on this page.
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Google Maps—Swim across the Atlantic?

Google Maps—Swim across the Atlantic?
maps google

Image by billypalooza
Results when asking Google Maps for directions from Harvard, Cambridge, Massachusetts, to Kings College, Cambridge, England. Check out Step 12.

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