Looking for Davey Jones’ Locker Key

Looking for Davey Jones’ Locker Key
smoke detector

Image by Peter E. Lee
A lone treasure hunter searches the sands at Dane Street Beach in Beverly, MA, looking for buried metal.

This was taken on the same misty day as the recent "social climbers" picture. The smoke stacks visible across the bay are part of the Salem Harbor Power plant in Salem, MA.

Best viewed large on black (try Flickr’s Lightbox mode).

Inside a Stormtrooper helmet
smoke detector

Image by tevensso
This particular model is equipped with extra special optical gear which gives three-dimensional images of the surroundings, protects the eyes against too strong light and gives you vision in smoke, darkness or fire. The helmets’ optical gear varies from this to simple lenses.

Fake naturally, but very cool nevertheless. From the book "Star Wars – The visual dictionary."

Carbon Monoxide leaks can be deadly
smoke detector

Image by U.S. Army Korea (Historical Image Archive)
Learn More About U.S. Army in Korea

Carbon Monoxide leaks can be deadly

Story and photo by Andrew M, Allen

DAEGU GARRISON — “911, what is your emergency?”
Caller: “I don’t know……I have a headache, I’m dizzy and I feel real sick……my husband won’t wake up…..”

911 Operator: “Get everyone outside, we are responding emergency crews to your home, you may have CO poisoning.”

This is the call that far too often is received by emergency services around the world. U.S. Army Garrison Daegu is ready to respond 24/7, however, just like fire prevention, carbon monoxide prevention is the best defense to stop this from ever happening to you and your family.

Know thy enemy. CO, or carbon monoxide, sneaks into homes every year via faulty heaters, fire places, or even an idling vehicle outside. CO can also sneak into your car while you are driving.

Either a faulty exhaust system or directly out of the tail pipe are ways CO can sneak into your vehicle. Thousands are sickened every year from CO; many suffer serious injuries or death, will you be another statistic?

What should you do if your CO detector activates? First, do not panic. Second, check everyone in the home including pets. Next, open all the windows – call 9-1-1 or from a cell phone 0505-764-5911. Then wait outside (or at a neighbor’s); when the firefighters arrive, tell them what the situation is and they will go in and take a CO reading. If you have any symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, tell the 911 dispatcher and the firefighters when they arrive.

Knowing the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can help you identify the problem before it is too late. Here are some common symptoms related to CO poisoning; you should discuss these with the whole family.

Mild Exposure: slight headache, nausea, vomiting, fatigue (often described as “flu-like” symptoms).

Medium Exposure: severe throbbing headache, drowsiness, confusion, fast heart rate.

Extreme Exposure: unconsciousness, convulsions, cardio-respiratory failure, death.

Your overall health and size will affect how quickly CO attacks you. If you are a smoker, CO will hit you faster and harder as you already have a buildup of CO in your system.

Think it can’t happen to you or your family? When CO sneaks in, you will never know. Consequently you need some way of sounding an alarm when the silent killer comes sneaking into your home.

A CO detector that is properly maintained and tested monthly will stand watch while you sleep. This is very important, be sure you can hear your CO detector in your bedroom.

According to NFPA 720, all CO detectors “shall be centrally located outside of each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms.”

Additionally each detector shall be located on the wall, ceiling or other location as specified in the instructions that comes with the unit.

Smoke alarms and CO detectors are two different items; however, they are both there to save your life if prevention fails.

Take care of them, test them and ensure everyone knows what to do if they go off!

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