The DRSB-88 radiation detector gives audible and visible indications of elevated levels of radioactivity (photon rays and hard beta-rays). You can use it to check the background radiation in a house or workplace and check for contaminated products or food. The device itself does not emit radiation and does not have any harmful effect on the user or environment. You can take it in a travel. This dosimeter contain a Geiger Counter. The minimal radio-activity (natural, background) which dosimeter react is 0.3 microroentgen or 0.003 microsievert. The maximal radio-activity (dangerous), which dosimeter distinguish is 60 microroentgen or 0.6 microsievert. This dosimeter has been made at Russian factory which makes products for Russian army.


Improved Quality! The RKSB-104, measures equivalent dose rates for gamma radiation, surface flux beta radiation, an isotope mode for Cs137 with a limiting alarm mode as well. A constant LED readout with timed measurement, easy to use, comes with instruction in English. A Russian Joint Venture since 10 years. This is a fairly sophisticated instrument, far better than the old models that were widely distributed, and it is comparable to a 300 EURO unit manufactured elsewhere. For ß + y radiation, can measure each individually, different scales. Acoustic indication, digital display. Runs on 9-V battery.

The radiation dosimeter is a portable device. Dosimeter gives visible indications of elevated levels of radioactivity (gamma and beta rays). The dosimeter can be used for evaluation of the radiation level afield, indoors and for evaluation of contamination level of materials and products. The device estimates radiation environment in magnitude of ambient equivalent power of gamma radiation dose taking into account pollution of objects by bets sources. The dosimeter measures a level of radiation in microsieverts/hour (0.1 to 9.99 µSv/h).

This smallest dosimeter has been made in Russia. This portable device is designed for use as a keychain. Dosimeter gives audible and visible indications of elevated levels of radioactivity (gamma and beta rays). The dosimeter can be used for evaluation of the radiation level afield, indoors and for evaluation of contamination level of materials and products. This dosimeter contains a Geiger Counter. Charger for 220 V and batteries are included in set. 2 elements V625U or LR9 (1.5V) can be used if you can not use 220 V. Range of exposure dose rate indications, 10 to 3000 microroentgen/hour.
Gamma-Scout with ticker and alarm

My number 1 Geiger Counter! Gamma-Scout® Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector Named “BEST BUY” by WIRED Magazine ) This is a state-of-the-art Geiger Counter that’s used by law enforcement, security and emergency response professionals across the country, a “best of class”, field tested detector that’s designed for today’s new threat environment. Gamma-Scout® is the latest development in handheld general purpose Geiger Counters. Designed around an accurate and reliable LND detector, Gamma-Scout® is light, compact, with a unique ergonomic design that fits comfortably in hand or pocket. With Gamma-Scout® you’re on guard “24/7″ with our ultra long life 10-year (that’s right, 10 years!!) V-Max battery. Gamma-Scout® is always on, checking and recording ambient radiation levels of all three radiation types, alpha, beta & gamma, even giving you a reading of the previous 24 hour average. And, it includes our newest improvement, a user-programmable Audio Threshold Alarm and Pulse Ticker. Its bright orange color and shock resistant Novodur® housing make it ideal for use both in and outside the home or office. An extra large digital display shows measured radiation in mrems/hr (millirems/hour) or SI metric units (microSieverts/hour), accumulated Pulse Counts over time (sec/min/hr), and Pulse Rate in pulses/sec. The display even has an easy-to-use exposure chart to tell you how much danger you’re in right now! The multi-function 9-button Keypad has options for data display, output and collection, including both numerical and logarithmic exposure time bar graph formats, battery level, even date/time. One press of the button, one look at the display, and you’ll know instantly if there’s a problem Besides the risk of hostile terrorist attack or a distant thermonuclear exchange, we all continue to risk exposure from recycled/salvaged radioactive metals, unannounced nuclear plant venting (far more common than you think), and sloppy radioactive waste disposal. Even airline travel nowadays exposes you to excess atmospheric radiation, as much as 3 times normal levels. (Airline pilots are some of our best ustomers.) Gamma-Scouts are used by police and fire departments across the country. The U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, U.S. Capitol Police, numerous hospitals and universities, individuals and security organizations from around the world have chosen Gamma-Scout® over all our competitors. You wouldn’t think twice about buying a smoke alarm for your house, would you? So why is protection from deadly radioactivity any different? Now more than ever, you need to guard against unseen and unexpected radiation, whatever the source. Gamma-Scout® is reliable, convenient – your total personal radiation risk solution. Its advanced engineering, patented, feature-packed design, and affordable price, make Gamma Scout® the ultimate price/performance value. For full technical details, please consult our retail sales site at The current retail price is $449. Each Gamma-Scout® comes complete with User Guide, USB Cable, Download Software, and Black Leather Case.
The Inspector Alert

The Inspector Alert measures alfa, beta, gamma and xray radiation using a 2-inch pancake GM detector with high sensitivity to common beta and alpha sources. The easy-to-read digital display shows readings in your choice of mR/hr or µSv/hr, CPM, or CPS. The Total/Timer feature allows timed readings from one minute to 24 hours for precise measurement of low-level contamination. An audible alert sounds when the radiation reaches a user-adjustable level.
Detector: Halogen-quenched Geiger-Mueller tube. Effective diameter 1.75″ (45 mm). Mica window density 1.5-2.0 mg/cm².
Display: 4-digit liquid crystal display with mode indicators
Operating Range:
mR/hr: .001 to 100.0
CPM: 0 to 350,000
Total: 1 to 9,999,000 counts
µSv/hr: .01 to 1,000
CPS: 0 to 5,000
Gamma Sensitivity: 3500 CPM/mR/hr referenced to Cs-137
Smallest detectable level for I-125 is .02 µCi at contact
Efficiency: For 4 pi geometry at contact
C-14 (49 keV avg. 156 keV max.): 5.3%
Bi-210 (390 keV avg. 1.2 MeV max.): 32%
Sr-90 (546 keV and 2.3 MeV): 38%
P-32 (693 keV avg. 1.7 MeV max.): 33%
Am-241 (5.5 MeV): 18%
Averaging Periods: Display updates every 3 seconds, showing the average for the past 30-second time period at normal levels. The averaging period decreases as the radiation level increases. User can select fast 3-second averaging period
Timer: Can set 1-10 minute sampling periods in one-minute increments, 10-50 minute sampling periods in 10-minute increments, and 1-24 hour sampling periods in 1-hour increments
Accuracy: ± 15% up to 50 mR/hr; ± 20% up to 100 mR/hr
Anti-Saturation: Readout holds at full scale in fields up to 100 times the maximum reading
Temperature Range: -20º to +50º C , -4º to +122º F
Power: One 9-volt alkaline battery; battery life is average 2160 hours at normal background, average 625 hours at 1 mR/hr with beeper off
Size: 150 x 80 x 30 mm (5.9″ x 3.2″ x 1.2″)
Weight: 323 grams (11.4 oz) including battery
I/O Ports: Dual miniature jack for CMOS or TTL devices, sending counts to computer or data logger. Submini jack for electronic calibration.
Count Light: Red LED flashes with each radiation event
Audio: Beeper beeps with each radiation event; can be muted Radiation Alarm and Geiger Counter

This is a pocket size Radiation Alarm and Geiger Counter. It has two operating modes: Alarm Mode and Geiger Counter Mode: In Alarm Mode it sits quietly on a tabletop or in a drawer and does nothing (like a smoke detector) until radiation levels become dangerous in or near your home. If there is a radiation increase, as from a dirty bomb or a nuclear bomb, a beeping alarm will sound. This device can save your life if radiation is a problem near you. The internal sensor is directional and can pinpoint radioactive sources. If there was a radiation release near you, you would know where it would be safe to stand, or if radioactive dust had settled on your shoes or shirt, or on your car, etc. Unlike most radiation alarms, this device reacts instantly to radiation level changes (other devices require minutes or longer and make it difficult to pinpoint radioactive sources). In Geiger Counter Mode the internal speaker produces “ticks” just like a classic Geiger Counter. The unit is easily sensitive enough to measure background radiation and can measure radioactive sources such as active rocks, watch dials, radioactive marbles and pottery, and radioactive smoke alarm elements. Walk it around your back yard and see if anything is radioactive. The unit interfaces to any PC computer to become an accurate laboratory-grade measuring device. A MSDOS software program is included that lets you accurately plot radiation levels in a bargraph form on your computer screen. The software program lets you set various sensitivity levels and time durations for plotting.
K0FF LENi OMEGA PRO Geiger Counter and GEO-210 pancake probe

LENi OMEGA PRO Geiger Counter, by George Dowell (ham call K0FF), with BNC connector, ALL POSSIBLE OPTIONS, manual, silicon diode modification, Zener Diode modification, battery compartment upgrades (uses only 2 flashlight batteries), Teflon wiring, updated and improved metering and biasing circuits. All schematics, manuals, etc. The GEO-210 is made from a fresh, brand new, first quality pancake probe, same as used in the Ludlum 44-9’s, placed in a rugged, padded aluminum casting with a protective screen over the window.
“Technical Associates PUG-1 Radiation Detector and Side Wall Geiger Muller Detector Head”

Thanks to my dear friend Dr. Richard Westfall, from Denver, USA, I now am the owner of this equipment.
This Technical Associates Side Wall Radiation Detector has Excellent Dynamic Range. This PUG can read up to an upper limit of 500KCPM.

Ebereline ESP-1

Eberline Model ESP-1 Smart Portable ratemeter scaler (not working)
Ecotest dosimeter-radiometer MKS-05 ‘TERRA-P’

MKS-05 “TERRA-P”- multifunctional radiometer-dosimeter. It is first pocket device for measurement of radiation for minor price. MKS-05 “TERRA-P” is fully functional radiation-metric device. It is used in army, in special by government organisations.
Three independent measuring channels with alternate indication of data on the single liquid crystal display.
Built-in gamma, beta sensitive Geiger-Muller counter.
Automatic setting of measurement intervals and ranges.
Audio signalling of each detected gamma-quantum and beta-particle.
Programming of audio alarm threshold level relative to gamma radiation dose rate.
Digital display.
Two AAA size batteries.
Four-level indication of power supply discharge.
Shock resistant frame.
Small weight and dimension parameters.
Plessey PDRM 82 Radiation Geiger Counter Meter

Here we have a new, Plessey radiation meter, supplied in white cardboard box of issue. These were standard issue to all Royal Observer Corps members, and also troops involved in detecting the presence of nuclear fall-out and bomb-blast. They were also supplied to Civil Defence organisations in the UK. Comes complete with shoulder strap and neck lanyard, along with full instructions. These meters use a small radiation source of Caesium 137 with an intensity of 13 becquerels. This source has a half-life of 30 years, decaying to Barium, so you can see that this item now has close to half its original source left. For this reason, the item cannot be guaranteed to work accurately, even though it is new and unused. Nice compact item, the perfect addition to any cold war memorabilia collection. Photo by Onno Pietersen.
RadTec K8 Miniature Monitoring and Alarming Ratemeter

RadTec is the smallest discreet personal alarming ratemeter for detecting radiation and radioactive materials nearby. All units are tested using an NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology) traceable radiation source. Personal radiation indicator ideal for the typical citizen average consumer and first responders, airport checkpoint guards and baggage handlers, pilots and flight attendants, police and firefighter, ambulance/EMT, coast guard, border patrols, military, hospital workers, package and courier services, custom and cargo inspectors. High Performance capable of detecting very small amounts of radioactive materials.
Green LED will issue a blinking luminescence, indicating clear area.
Yellow indicator for battery level
Red signal indicates excess level of radiation. Red LED will issue a blinking luminescence and/or issue a audible sound according to levels of exposure.

The PM1603A/PM1603B dosimeters are the only dosimeters in the world designed for automatic control of radiation situation and dose accounting. They are designed for measuring the ambient dose equivalent (DE) H*(10) and ambient dose equivalent rate (DER) H*(10) of gamma radiation within the background values up to 5-10Sv/h in a wide energy range. The dosimeters have two alarm thresholds and in case the preset values of dose and dose rate are exceeded the dosimeter immediately alerts the user of a danger to be irradiated. In cases when the radiation intensity exceeds the upper limit of the dose rate measurement, the LCD of the dosimeter shows the warning sign “OL” followed by the interrupted audible signal. The dosimeter is capable to store up to 1000 histories of dose rate measurements, accumulated dose values and its own factory number in its non-volatile memory. These data can be transmitted from the dosimeter to a PC through the standard communication devices IRDA type for further procession and analysis and for presentation of this information as correspondent data bases or as graphs. Shockproof hermetic case protects the electronics of the dosimeter from mechanical impacts. The dosimeter is ideally suited in extreme climates and harsh environments, it meets the requirements of drop tests which are 0.7m height to a concrete surface. The electroluminescent backlight of the LCD makes it possible to use the dosimeter in the dark. The efficient power supply enables the user to measure the accumulated dose up to 10Sv/h using one battery which discharge is automatically controlled.
FAG-SV500 Geiger counter/Dosimeter/Radiation Detector

Manufactured by Frieseke & Hoepfner (Erlangen, Germany) since the 1980´s, the SV500 was the “gold-standard” in the german army for more than 2 decades. Since it´s successor – the IM7001, becomes to be produced, ever more SV500´s sporadically find their way out of the army-barracks and inspire a wide range of users: geologists, radiation protection specialists or simply the hobby scientist, who searches a simple-to-use, professional dose rate meter.
The instrument comes in nice, splash-water protecting leather bag (which has practical holding-eyes for fastening a shoulder-band), together with all it´s accessoires:
– the SV500 basic equipment with the black high-dose gamma probe inside (which can also be used as an external probe and which allows measuring of dose rates even until deadly ranges of 1000 rad/h (approx. 1000 R/h)
– a external beta/gamma low/high-dose probe, which can measure combined beta/gamma – or just gamma radiation by easily turning the shielding around the probe
– the probe-connection cable to connect both the gamma and the beta/gamma-probe with the SV500
– a adaptor cable to supply your SV500 with energy over the cigarette lighter of your car (in case of empty batteries)
– a little speaker, with which you can make your readings also acoustically noticable
– a probe-wedge for fastening one of the probes onto a “walking stick”, long pipe, broom etc.
The self-explaining SV500 has six different, switchable ranges, which take off all (live)important ranges:
0 – 5 mrad/h (mrad/h = approx. mR/h), or 0 – 2,000 cpm (2 kcpm)
0 – 50 mrad/h, or 0 – 20,000 cpm (20 kcpm)
0 – 500 mrad/h
0 – 5 rad/h
0 – 50 rad/h
0 – 1000 rad/h
The first range is so sensitive, that you´re even be able to detect the normal background-radiation of approx. 20 cpm !!

This instrument is a dosimeter that gauges the dangerous kinds of radiation: beta, gamma, röntgen radiation and fast neutrons. It signals with a beeper when 0,5 Röntgen of received radioactive radiation (of all kinds) has been exceeded. The beeper can be reset with a switch on the side of the dosimeter. Because 0.5 Röntgen is a relatively low and a not really dangerous amount of radioactive radiation for humans this alarm dosimeter will excellently serve as a personal early warning system for radioactive radiation. The housing has been made of red/brown bakelite; inside are a Geiger-Müller tube, a lot of electronic components and a beeper. It is 12 centimeters (almost 5 inches) high so it is small enough to fit in your pocket. It has been manufactured by Total between 1960 and 1975 most likely in the USA. On the aluminum sheet sticker has been printed a.o.: AUTOMATIC ALARM DOSIMETER 0,5 R. – MONITOR PTW – TOTAL 6119 NO. 7052
Soviet Geiger Counter “BEREG-IRI1″

This is the Soviet Geiger Counter (Dosimeter) called “BEREG-IRI1”. It was made in USSR(Estonia) in 1990. This Geiger Counter is the indicator of the power of an exposure’s dose. The size of this indicator is 5.6×2.6×1.2 inches. There is an instruction in Russian for it.

This is the Russian compact everyday Geiger Counter(Dosimeter) called “Sintex”. It was made in 1993. The level of radiation for measuring by this Geiger Counter is 0.01-9.99 mk/ch.
Dosimeter Graetz GAMMATEST 1

Measurement principle: Geiger Mueller with energy filter
4 alarm values: 25 µSv/h, 50 µSv/h, 1 mSv/h, 10 mSv/h
Energy range: 48 keV – 2 MeV
Overload capacity: > 10 Sv/h
Electronic Radiation Dose Meter

Electronic Radiation Dose Meter made by Harwell. Used throughout nuclear industry and Atomic Weapons Establishment. LCD dispaly reading on top in microsieverts / hour. Built in Alarm set at 20 microsieverts / hour. Type number is 975002-1.
British Army Radiation Dosimeter & Charging Unit

Model STEPHAN Type 1548 is a high quality Dosimeter Charger self-contained desk unit plus Dosimeter for reading low levels of Radiation, 1.5 D cell battery operated instrument capable of charging any self-reading pencil dosimeter. Assures grounding of the dosimeter charging pin and removal of the residual charge, illuminates it for reading dosimeters. The zeroing knob has a push rod in its center that permits reading of the dosimeter without removing it from the charging contact pedestal. The dosimeter circuit is powered by a 1.5 volt torch battery. The push rod is actually a two-position switch. Comes complete with a pencil /pen shaped dosimeter.
British Army Radiation Dosimeter QF.4 Mark 3

Cold War period Civil Defence issue radiation dosimeter. Range 0 – 150 rems. These devices were issued to Civil Defence personnel to measure personal radiation dose rates after a nuclear strike. When held up to the light the reading scale can been seen. This item is in excellent unissued condition (still waiting for WWIII).
Radiological Dosimeter Charger CD V-750 by Bendix Corp

Radiological Dosimeter CD V-742 by Bendix Corp

This is a CD V-742 pocket dosimeter. It is used to measure levels of gamma radiation. The meter measures on a scale of 0-200R.
Radiological Dosimeters CD V-742 by The LANDSVERK ELECTROMETER CO

For more than a quarter of a century, Dosimeter has been a leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of radiation detection equipment. THESE ARE PERSONAL UNITS made to carry in your pocket to determine when maximum exposure has been reached. A radiation dosimeter is a pen-like device that measures the cumulative dose of radiation received by the device. It is usually clipped to one’s clothing to measure one’s actual exposure to radiation. Magnifying lenses (a low-power microscope) and an illumination lens allow one to directly read the dose by aiming the illumination lens at a light source and looking into the device. For personal use, this is the most useful device to measure radiation, because biological damage from radiation is cumulative.

Rare Set of Yugoslavian/Serb Army Issue Dosimeter Set and Carrying Box. This set consists of 12 dosimeters and one dosimeter reader housed in a waterproof plastic carrying box with an attached shoulder strap. The dosimeters are designed to be clipped onto clothing and equipment. They contain a glass vial with a “liquid” inside. This I think changes colour when exposted to radiation. The colour of the vial depends on the amount of radiation exposed to. Each of the dosimeters has a differnet number on the top representing the dosage of radiation each dosimeter is designed to absorb. The dosimeter reader is made from plastic and comes in a telescopic three pieces. The dosimeter is uncapped and inserted in one end of the reader – the user then looks through the other end and turns a dail until a matching colour is reached. He then reads the radiation dosage on a top dial to see how much the wearer has been exposed to! Compared to UK and NATO dosimeters it is a strange method of measuring radiation! There are instructions included but these are printed in Serbian, however there are pictures and these tell a thousand stories!!

Institut “Rudjer Boskovic” – Zagreb

Dosimeter FH39 R, 0 – 200 Milliröntgen, 10 keV – 3 MeV (not yet received)

Dosimeter FH39 U, 0 – 2 mSv, 50 keV – 3 MeV
Direct Reading Quartz Fibre Dosimeter Gamma / X-Ray

Direct Reading Quartz Fibre Dosimeter Gamma / X-Ray 0 – 200 Centigrays with Pocket Clip, 120mm x 17mm Dia, The direct reading dosimeter is a rugged instrument, which measures accumulated quantities of gamma and x-ray radiation. Applications include personal and environmental monitoring. The low energy feature has hospital applications including fluoroscopy, portable radiography and radiography. This pocket size instrument is lightweight, and has a sturdy clip to attach to an individual ‘s pocket.

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